Wisdom capital android app

Wisdom capital android app

Wisdom pro is one of the most advanced mobile trading apps available for beginner to advanced level of traders. Introduced by wisdom capital, a leading discount broker in indian share market.

Android based mobile trading platform, wisdom pro allows scanning across the predefined watchlist of 30 stocks at a glance.

  wisdom pro trading app- mobile trading app wisdom trade- online trading website 1. Wisdom capital offers trade eye mobile app registered with ashlar to trade in bse, nse, mcx, mcx-sx, ncdex exchange. It is a smartphone application available only for android users.

Wisdom pro helps you to better analyze the market and make informed buying and selling decisions because of its scalability wisdom pro app is powered with advanced number indicators in order to create and exit positions in real time, apart from the usual trading information such as open, low, close, 52 week high, circuit limit etc.

Wisdom capital faqs or qna has most of the general wisdom capital questions and answers related to product and services, margin, brokerage plans, customer support and many more. Link is provided below each question to discuss and comment or ask a question.

Account opening process has now been simplified with online submission of the required documents. To get started, submit your details here, our sales representative will contact you and assist you in account opening formalities.

Its an online discount broker offering brokerage services in various segments like stocks, futures, options, currency & commodity.

Monitor all your investments, retirement, and finances with the only portfolio tracker youll ever need. The personal capital investing and finance app - this is the smart way to track and manage your personal finance. Now you can see all your accounts in one placebank accounts, stocks, retirement funds, and your investments.

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Wisdom capital android app

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