Trend following book

Trend following book

Michael covel is the author of five books including the international bestseller, trend following and his investigative narrative, the complete turtletrader.

Trend following has become the classic trading book accepted by the great pro traders as their standard. Learn how trend followers delivered fantastic returns while everyone else was losing their shirts.

Covel has created a very rare thing a well-documented and thoroughly researched book on trend following that is also well-written and easy to read. It touches on a wide variety of the principles and practices which make for successful trend following. This is one book that traders at all levels will find of real value.

  the way i see it, you have two choicesyou can do what i did and work for 30-plus years, cobbling together scraps of information, seeking to create a money-making strategy, or you can spend a few days reading covels trend following and skip that three-decade learning curve.

Michael covel mixes a unique blend of trend following matters with the thoughts and quotes of successful traders, investors and societys leaders. This is a valuable contribution and some of the best writing on trend following ive seen.

Trend following mindset brings to life the timeless conversations between tom basso and michael covel originally featured on michaels renowned trend following podcast. In these profound and enlightening exchanges, tom shares with michael his deep wisdom on trading, business, life, and the how and why of his mindset.

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Trend following book

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