Thai baht code

Thai baht code

Our currency rankings show that the most popular thai baht exchange rate is the thb to usd rate. The currency code for baht is thb, and the currency symbol is.

The local time in thailand is 083004 am (083004 am) get the mobile country codes for thailand.

  what is thai baht (thb)? Thai baht is the official legal currency of the kingdom of thailand (formerly siam). For coinage, the baht is divided into 100 satangs (comparable to cents in canadian or us dollars united states dollar (usd) the united states dollar refers to the national currency of the u. S and is represented by the iso code usd and is often abbreviated as us.

  thailands currency is called the thai baht (thai , sign code thb). Here you can find current mid-market thai baht exchange rate, get familiar with the notes and coins of thailand currency and other tips related to using local money that can make your trip to thailand easier and more cost effective.

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Thai baht code

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