Tera online best dps class

Tera online best dps class

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These are all from the moongourd class average stat pages ) single heal.

  the highest dps in eso is currently the magicka nightblade. However, the rankings change at least once every 3 months because the developers make adjustments to the combat balance every 3 months. Therefore, it is always important to ask your guild members to stay up to date with what has the highest dps in eso.

  in this guide, were going to talk about all the best tera online classes to give you exactly what you need in order to avoid that mistake. Tera currently has 13 classes archer, berserker, brawler, gunner, lancer, mystic, ninja, priest, reaper, slayer, sorcerer, valkyrie, and warrior.

  healers are slower, but can play recklessly since they can heal up at any time for free. Lancers can easily stay alive, even if they may take a while longer to kill stuff than the dps classes. It might be easier for a lancer however, since some of the dungeon bosses are hard for a noob to solo with a dps class.

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Tera online best dps class

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