Tarkov best night vision

Tarkov best night vision

Tvmratomicduckin this video i discuss night vision in escape from tarkov, and which is best for your needs.

I make a beginner guide on night raids in eft and help you start doing night raids in tarkov.

The ratnik helmet with the cheapest nvgs, i prefer the cheapest nvgs over the middle ones, which are like 3x the price.

Here you can see a preview on how the different night vision devices look like. All the information and icons are taken from the official wiki. Mechanic (ll1) - barter (broken gphone x1 broken lcd x2) wiki page.

  currently there are 4 different night vision goggles (so called nvgs) in the game. The night vision scope if always on, when its attached to your gun. Most nvgs can be applied to some helmets, they just need to have a place for the mount on it.

This is important to keep in mind when preparing for a night mission.

Its just dim enough to not blow out your image and bright enough to be decent in most low-light situations.

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Tarkov best night vision

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