Stp to obj file converter

Stp to obj file converter

First you need to add file for conversion drag and drop your stp file or click the choose file button.

  we have found 9 software records in our database eligible for. Step) are well supported in many cad3d modeling software and as such can be typically exported or converted to other formats, like the common 3d object file (.).

Step) are nowadays well-supported in many cad3d modeling software and as such can be typically exported or converted to other formats, like the common 3d object file (. Such stp to obj conversion should be doable in plenty of 3d modeling tools or dedicated converters.).

However our autoconverter software will simplify every obj quad primitive with two triangles as only triangular facets are supported during the files conversion. Its important to mention that due to a textual format obj files will be always significantly bigger than the binary files e.

On os-x at least, read stepstp in to the free (open source) cad assistant ( httpswww. Comcontentcad-assistant) and use the floppy disk icon on left to save as ply (w colors) or obj (w mtl). Also check out the cool clipping plane feature (bottom icon on left).

In order to convert stp files, you can use these free stp converters. In most stp file converters, you can convert stp files to various formats such as 3ds , stl , obj , ply , svg , etc. The process of conversion is pretty straightforward in all software as you just need to use either save as or export option to change the format.

First you need to add file for conversion drag and drop your stl file or click the choose file button.

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Stp to obj file converter

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