Sec ico subpoena

Sec ico subpoena

  however, ico companies have shown reluctance in subjecting themselves to secs oversight despite the fact that up to 8. 7 billion has been raised through icos, based on coindesk data.

Expanding a broad crackdown on fraudulent initial coin offerings, u.

  the securities and exchange commission (sec) has sent subpoenas to numerous icos as well as their advisors and consultants. The request for information is highly detailed and has been sent as the sec believe these icos to be in direct violation of several u.

  under the sec ico probe sec issued subpoenas to a number of companies and people that are involved in icos and demanding for information as part of its effort to control the fraudulent activities. The focus is on those that are suspected of breaking the law and seeking funds for scamming.

  the sec is trying to subpoena an investment trust company as part of a probe into alleged fraud involving claims of a 100 million ico.

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Sec ico subpoena

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