Pepsico salaried employees retirement plan

Pepsico salaried employees retirement plan

Plan administrator employer 379,924 0 379,924 dimensional fund advisors investment management fees paid directly by plan, soft dollars commissions none 339,622 0 339,622 heitman investment management fees paid directly by plan none 309,013 0 309,013 pacific investment management comp.

Retirement plan (salaried pension plan), plan number 001, the pepsico hourly employees retirement plan ((hourly pension plan and together with the salaried pension plan, the pension plan)), plan number 004, the pepsico savings plan (savings plan), plan number 203, and the pepsico 401(k) plan for hourly employees ((hourly 401(k) plan), plan number 204, and together with the savings plan, 401(k) plan)) (collectively, the plan or plans).

Investment management fees paid directly by plan, soft dollars commissions none 582,197 0 582,197 pepsico, inc.

The pepsico pension equalization plan (pep orplan) has been established by pepsico for the benefit of salaried employees of the pepsico organization who participate in the pepsico salaried employees retirement plan (salaried plan). Pep provides benefits for eligibleemployees whose pension benefits under the salaried plan are limited by the.

The pepsico 401(k) savings plan makes saving for retirement easy, especially with the company match. 2 a percentage you choose is deducted from each paycheck (before or after income taxes you decide) and is put into your 401(k) account at fidelity. In addition, pepsico will match a percentage of your contribution.

The pepsico 401(k) plan for salaried employees (plan) permits eligible employees to defer receipt of a portion of their compensation on a pre-tax basis in order to promote retirement savings. The plan provides for distributions in the event of termination of employment.

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Pepsico salaried employees retirement plan

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