Marriage options fire emblem three houses

Marriage options fire emblem three houses

To initiate a romance with characters in fire emblem three houses, you need to increase your support levels with them.

  here are all the male romance options in fire emblem three houses edelgard (only if you join black eagles, female, female) jeritza (only if you join black eagles, male) linhardt (black eagles, male) bernadetta (black eagles, female) dorothea (black eagles, female) petra (black eagles, female).

  to get married in fire emblem three houses, youll absolutely need to make sure you hit an a-rank support rank with the character that you want to marry.

  fire emblem three houses romance options - male edelgard (only if a member of the black eagles) linhardt (black eagles) bernadetta (black eagles) dorothea (black eagles) petra (black eagles) annette (blue lions) ingrid (blue lions) mercedes (blue lions) leone (golden deer) lysithea (golden deer).

  in fire emblem three houses, players can choose to marry another character by achieving an s-rank support with them, a level thats gained by earning enough support points with said character however, depending on their avatars gender, certain characters are unavailable for romance.

  unlike other fire emblem games, marriage in three houses doesnt take place until after the main story when the war is over. Jeralt, the player characters father, will give you a ring before the.

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Marriage options fire emblem three houses

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