Mad hatters vegan afternoon tea

Mad hatters vegan afternoon tea

Mad hatters afternoon tea 48 mad hatters champagne afternoon tea 62 includes a glass of taittinger brut réserve, nv mad hatters pink champagne afternoon tea 69 includes a glass of taittinger brut prestige rosé, nv additional mad hatters cocktails - sanderson 9 bombay sapphire gin, aperol, lychee juice, melon liqueur, lime.

Hankin review on mad hatters facebook page afternoon tea parties. Tables are set out as a mad hatters tea party style with long tables, mismatched china, afternoon tea on tiered stands and plenty of tea in multicoloured pots.

Hello lovely people! Im back with a mouthwateringly delicious post today, in the form of vegan afternoon tea. A few weeks back now, a lovely email from the even lovelier katy dropped into my inbox to let me know all about the new vegan afternoon tea offering at the sanderson.

Iconic mad hatters afternoon tea goes vegan sometimes we all want to do something different for that special occasion or splash out for a much needed treat without compromising our vegan values of course.

  prices for the vegan mad hatters afternoon tea ranges between 48 - 65 per person depending on whether you want to add a glass of champagne to your afternoon tea - i mean, of course you do - and they also offer the original afternoon tea, a vegetarian option, a gluten-free option and a dairy-free option too.

Whilst its not quite afternoon tea with the queen, mad hatters afternoon tea at the sanderson hotel is definitely the next best thing. Its newly launched vegan menu beats all expectations and moves away from the misconception that vegan options arent as good as the real thing. This vegan afternoon tea is every bit as delicious as its non-vegan counterpart.

Mad hatters is located within the grade ii listed historic building of the rectory in the rows, at 49 bridge street row within the city walls of chester in cheshire.

  mad hatters afternoon tea is served daily in the restaurant at sanderson. Our mad hatters afternoon tea is priced from 48 per person and 35 per child (for children 4-11 years old). On celebratory days and bank holidays, mad hatters afternoon tea is priced from 58 per person for special packages.

Reviews of vegan-friendly restaurant mad hatters tea rooms in chester, england order ahead for vegan afternoon tea so they can get stuff in, it was incredible.

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Mad hatters vegan afternoon tea

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