Jules trump haifa chemicals

Jules trump haifa chemicals

  haifa chemicals is owned by jules and eddie trump, who wrested control from arie genger. Israeli private equity firm tene investment funds, headed by ariel halperin, is in negotiations with the controlling shareholder in haifa chemicals, trance resource inc.

  jules trump says haifa chemicals will shut down production, lay off workers if alternative arrangements for soon-to-be-closed storage facility arent found by shoshanna solomon , 3.

Haifa chemicals controlling shareholder jules trump we need an alternative to the ammonia plant so that we can continue operations. The management of haifa chemicals today formally notified the workers committee that its factory in the north is being closed.

  israeli chemical company loses millions of dollars after hezbollah threats syria truths - syria truth - the syrian truth - the truth about syria the owner of haifa chemicals , jules trump , told israeli army radio this week that his company was ordered to close its plants by the tel aviv regime.

  the owner of haifa chemicals, jules trump, announced today (wednesday) the closure of the company and the dismissal of all workers at its plants in.

  haifa chemicals is owned by the american holding company trance resource inc. The groups co-chairman are its founders jules trump and his brother eddie trump,.

Trump visiting haifa offices and factories in israel said that his initiative is to continue and invest in the company and take part in the environmental issue as well as being involved in the community of haifa. Trump stressed that haifas human resource is the most valuable.

  jules trump says haifa chemicals will shut down production, lay off workers if alternative arrangements for soon-to-be-closed storage facility arent found.

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Jules trump haifa chemicals

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