Htc evo download pictures to pc

Htc evo download pictures to pc

  how to transfer pictures & videos from your htc evo vone phone to your computer - youtube.

Method 1 download htc pictures using usb cable method 2 transfer all pictures from htc to pc on one click method 3 sync htc photos to computer via syncios manager method 4 backup htc photos to computer via htc sync manager.

  method 1 try to download and run the fixit tool from the link below. Hardware devices are not working or are not detected in windows httpsupport.

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  when i transfer photos from my htc evo lte to my pc, i am also importing tons of tiny versions of the photos (thumbnail photos) which i do not want.

Select settings 5) select connect to pc 6) set check box ask me 7) power up pc. (if this is the first time you connected your evo, to your pc, windows will try to install drivers for a htc device.).

You can use your evo as a usb drive to move files and folders between computers. Additionally, you can manage all of your email accounts, photos, graphics, audio files and more from your device. Connect the evo to your computer and use file explorer to find files on the phone.

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Htc evo download pictures to pc

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