How to check sbi complaint status by sms

How to check sbi complaint status by sms

On the picture above, you can see a click here to check your complaint status button on the up left side of the page.

  in order to know the sbi complaint status dial 1800 11 22 11 toll-free number or 1800 425 3800 along with the complaint number. The status of the complaint request placed is retrieved from the database and informed to the client.

  instead, all you need to do is send an sms from your registered mobile phone to 8008202020 and write unhappy. An sbi representative will get in touch with you shortly and will help you resolve all your issues. For your convenience, its also very simple to lodge an sbi complaint online.

  at the state bank of india sms option for checking status of your complaint is not available. However the users can check the status of their complaint by making a call at the sbi toll free number 1800 11 2211 or 1800 425 3800 along with their ticket number.

Check complaint status - mandatory input field type of complaint complaint id check status ok.

State bank of india - customer request and complaint form dear customer, you may click on check complaintrequest status or share feedback on closed complaint button to check status provide feedback.

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How to check sbi complaint status by sms

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