Gtx 1080 ethereum speed

Gtx 1080 ethereum speed

  you can verify your gpu is in p0 power state by creating a bat file or manually executing this from the command line cd cprogram filesnvidia corporationnvsmi. This is where you will fine-tune your gpu after you start the cminingsoftwareethereum5ethereum-ethermine.

  the tool is available for both windows and linux and is free to use, so why not go and give it a try if you have some gddr5x-based nvidia gpus like gtx 1080 ti or the plain gtx 1080.

16 mhs hashrate and 160 w power consumption for mining eth (ethash) earning around 7. Find out more hashrate, consumption, difficulty, and profitability for mining 366 different coins on 118 algorithms.

  in 1080 version the hash rate can be easily overclocked up to 35 mhs in ethereum if we overclock memory300m mhz. Similarly, 37 mhs can be obtained if we overclock memory750 mhs. Gtx 1080 the gtx 1080 is comparatively slower than 1080 ti version.

  we are checking the situation with the different algorithms apart from ethereum, because we already know that the gtx 1080 is far from great choice for ethereum mining. The gtx 1080 founders edition tdp limit of 180 watt has a power limiter that can give you up to extra 20 increase, moving the slider to increase the maximum available power to be used by the gpu.

Core clock 160 (this doesnt seem to make much of a difference) and 650 memory clock. Pretty high but the card seems to handle it with not much drop in eth mining.

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Gtx 1080 ethereum speed

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