Gti investments dubai

Gti investments dubai

The international group of companies global transport investments (gti) has been successfully operating with transport services marketsince 1992. Nowadays we incorporate 36 companies from 18 cities of 10 countries throughout the world, providing workspace for more than 800 people.

Providing innovative services that fit with our customers goals & aspiration we are an innovative, trusted partner in the provision of cutting.

Gulbahar investments building partnerships, mergers and acquisitions reach out to gulbahar investments. Get in touch with us facebook twitter instagram linkedin youtube.

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Gti fujairah has a sizeable land bank with the potential to add more than 1 million m3 of new storage capacity to the existing 352,000 m3 capacity. Future developments in the port of fujairah are expected to create significant storage demand going forward.

  the specific details of gti net provided by the watchdog include the companys website www. Com, and its address is hds business centre, 3204 jumeirah lakes towers, po box 309071, dubai.

  did gti-net really cease its commercial activities though? Hardly. Gti-net has now rebooted itself as global technology innovation. The company operates out of a new domain (globaltechnologyinnovation. On his personal twitter profile hofmans cites his location as dubai.).

  gulbahar tobacco international fze (gti) surely serves as a great paradigm that the uae attracts foreign companies in droves with a very favorable local investment climate. When afghanistans gulbahar group in 1996 decided to get into the cigarette manufacturing business, its choice for setting up a factory fell on dubais jebel ali free zone.

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Gti investments dubai

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