Dennis rodman bitcoin video

Dennis rodman bitcoin video

Dennis rodman is fairly well known for his controversial and well-publicized nature, but he decided to bring some of that attention to the cryptocurrency industry recently. Popping up in a promotional video for a new crypto app called coin, rodman starts showing off the platform at the start of the commercial, but the video soon evolves into something much more believable from a man like rodman.

  the bitcoin of weed is sending dennis rodman to north korea for world peace.

Last week, dennis rodman once again entered the media spotlight by taking a trip to north korea. In spite of the media hullabaloo over the alleged purpose of dennis rodmans latest round of basketball diplomacy, and apparent subsequent disappointment over the lack of controversy following the trip, the controversial stars intent seems patently obvious he is americas cryptocurrency.

Check out this hilariously boring promotional video full of the most generic business speak youre likely to find.

  dennis rodman went on the absolutely ridiculous side in a recent commercial promoting xyo networks coin product.

  video bitcoin and cryptocurrency information dennis rodman, binance euro and properly fargo hypocrisy. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency information binance pronounces the primary fiat on catastrophe, dennis rodman loves pot,.

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Dennis rodman bitcoin video

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