Dax index meaning

Dax index meaning

  the daxalso known as the deutscher aktien indexis a stock index that represents 30 of the largest and most liquid german companies that.

What is the dax index? The dax is the main stock market index in germany. It tracks the performance of 30 blue-chip german companies trading on the frankfurt stock exchange, and is the most widely used indicator of the countrys equity market.

  the dax 30 is an index comprising the 30 biggest companies, by market capitalization and liquidity, trading on the frankfurt stock exchange (fse).

  dax stands for deutscher aktienindex which means german stock index. The dax 30 is sometimes referred to as the ger30 or the de30. Dax 30 history the dax 30 index was originally launched in 1988 with a base value of 1,163.

The dax is short for german stock index, or deutscher aktienindex in german. It consists of the 30 largest german companies by market capitalization and order book value, which are also included in the prime standards segment of the frankfurt stock exchange.

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Dax index meaning

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