Colorado 529 direct portfolio

Colorado 529 direct portfolio

As a collegeinvest direct portfolio account owner you enjoy 24-hour access to your account to view your statements, submit contributions electronically, maintain your account, and download or request account maintenance forms.

A 529 savings plan must have at least one year of performance history before they will be assigned a 5-cap rating. For those plans that are not part of our quarterly performance rankings, such as plans offering a single set of bank-based investment options, we assign a performance score by evaluating the returns currently available on similar types of investments outside of 529 plans.

Colorados collegeinvest stable value plus 529 is a conservative investment option for saving for college. Type direct this colorado 529 plan can be purchased directly. Minimums the minimum to open an account is 25, as is the minimum contribution.

  in addition to the direct 529 college savings plan, collegeinvest also sponsors the smart choice college savings plan. The plan allows you to invest in an fdic-insured money market account through first bank.

We have a free 100 gift to help you start saving for college for your newborn child. Introducing first step, a free kickstarter saving program for colorado newborns from collegeinvest, colorados 529 college saving program.

The direct portfolio college savings plan is the name of colorados traditional 529 plan. This plan offers a variety of investment options, including age-based portfolios that become more conservative as the child approaches college, and static investment fund options.

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Colorado 529 direct portfolio

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