Cable gbp usd definition

Cable gbp usd definition

  cable (or the cable) is a foreign exchange term used for the gbp usd currency pair rate ( british pound priced in us dollars ).

  cable is a slang term for the exchange rate between the u.

Cable is a term used among forex traders referring to the exchange rate between the u.

It represents the british pound against the us dollar, and it is one of the most popular pairs on the currency market. Learn more about forex trading find out more about forex trading, including what the spread is and how leverage in forex works.

Cable is one of a few slang terms for different currency pairs in this case referring to british pound sterling against the us dollar. Occasionally, people also refer to the price of the british pound as cable.

The gbpusd pairing is known by traders as cable (also the cable), which has its origins from the time when a communications cable under the atlantic ocean synchronized the gbpusd quote between the london and new york markets.

Gbpusd cable back in the mid-19th century, before the invention of satellites and fiber optics, the exchange rate between the british pound sterling (gbp) and the us dollar (usd) was actually transmitted across the atlantic ocean via submarine cable.

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Cable gbp usd definition

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