Boq share registry

Boq share registry

Login to our share registry to view your shareholding balance and transaction history, download past dividend statements and update communication preferences.

See the important dates for boq ordinary shares and convertible preference shares.

Link market services limited (link) manages bank of queenslands share register. By visiting links investor centre you can view your holding balance and transaction history.

You can contact our share registry link market services on 1800 779 639 or download and return a direct credit form from the share registrys website. Alternatively, you can update your details electronically by logging in to the share registry website.

View todays boq share price, options, bonds, hybrids and warrants.

The shares issued to you under the drp are free of brokerage, commission and stamp duty costs. Shares issued under the drp rank equally with existing shares. Details of the drps operation are contained in the terms and conditions. Request a drp election form by calling our share registry link market services on 1800 779 639.

  the bank of queensland (boq) capital raising fiasco for retail investors covered in crikey last week has already had an impact on the market, with share registry giant computershare yesterday.

Employee share ownership plandirectors salary sacrifice 231020 kathleen anne bailey-lord issued 7,156 6. 847 49,000 employee share ownership plandirectors salary sacrifice 231020 bruce carter issued 40,165 6.

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Boq share registry

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