Black maxx tuner 6.7 cummins

Black maxx tuner 6.7 cummins

  looking at installing the h&s black maxx diesel tuner on a 08 6.

  the h&s black maxx tuner is an actual mini-computer designed to plug right into the brain of your dodge cummins. Once connected, this tuners allows direct communication and override of many factory default settings from inside your cabin. Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes, recalibrate your abs system, use large non-stock tires or gearing.

The following is the change history log for black maxx tuners that was previously hosted by h&s performance before they closed down. The information listed is for tune file versions used by the 07-09 6.

H&s performance is proud to announce the overdrive software. A finely tuned engine is worthless if that power cannot be transferred to the ground. In order to meet the high horsepower and torque output of the 6.

Shop with piece of mind in knowing that the h&s black maxx tuner for diesel trucks has been one of the most highly reviewed dpf tuners by customers. The h&s black maxx for diesel trucks comes with preloaded tunes for both dpf present and dpf removed trucks.

The black maxx and mini maxx race tuners are part of the next generation of diesel down loaders from h&s performance that offer everything a diesel owner could want, all in one high tech unit. Exclusive to h&s performance, the black maxx and mini maxx offer the flexibility of shift-on-the-fly tuning, as well as giving you the ability to monitor vital engine statistics at a glance.

  i just bought a 2012 3500 with an h&s mini maxx installed. This is essentially my understanding on the status of my truck how i bought it.

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H&s performance overdrive transmission software, 06-07 dodge 5. 9l cummins attention you must enter the last 6 digits of your vin (vehicle identification number) and the e-mail address that you need your unlock code to be sent to this is not a stand alone tuner, it is a software update that is used on the h&s mini-maxx or black-maxx tuner.

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Black maxx tuner 6.7 cummins

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Black maxx tuner 6.7 cummins

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