Bank nifty expiry strategy

Bank nifty expiry strategy

Bank nifty option chain trading strategy traders should look for writing call and put options and grab the premium.

  possible adjustments initially, for this bank nifty weekly expiry strategy, you can keep a stop loss of 2500 or (31850 & 34650) range for this strategy. Means square off if you find bank nifty is giving a breakout or breakdown from that range.

  nowadays, the nifty and bank nifty index has a weekly expiry. So the weekly contracts of the indices expiry every thursday. This provides a trading opportunity for active traders every week. In case thursday remains a holiday the expiry takes place on the previous trading day.

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Bank nifty weekly expiry options has been introduced in the year 2016, since then many traders began to speculate with option trading especially on expiry days by buying otm options with an expectation of seeing huge gains.

The below strategy will be helpful for option writers, we are using historical volatility of index to predict the probable range of market in next 5 trading sessions. We get this range of expiry day close and take position next day at open. We have 2 methodology where we have 70 probability of winning and 90 probability.

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  bank nifty options expiry strategy - full trading system for beginners and working people whatsapp me on 8095876525 atf is an official partner of zerodha & u.

  bank nifty expiry strategy - u can earn big with this strategy and at the same time is very risky.

  expiry day nifty and bank nifty option strategy december 19, 2019 by bramesh below are the nifty and bank nifty weekly options trading levels for 19 dec.

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Bank nifty expiry strategy

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