Axis bank samsung pay offer

Axis bank samsung pay offer

A worthy substitute to plastic money, samsung pay can be used in almost every payment terminal through your samsung smartphones.

The offer is valid for all samsung pay users who make at a debit transaction on samsung pay using upi via send transaction or pay via scan and pay. The user base includes axis and non-axis account customers who would be in the eligible base. The offer is valid only on the following samsung handsets a.

  samsung, axis bank tie-up to offer bill payments on samsung pay new delhi , dec 21 smartphone manufacturer samsung on thursday launched its.

Avail the best offers on mobiles, laptops, apparels, home appliances, furniture, electronics and many more with axis bank. Bank via internet banking, mobile banking, credit card or debit card, and get lucky with your transactions.

Flat 17 off 5 1mg cashback on prescription (rx) medicines.

Option b if you do not find the samsung pay icon on your device, please ensure that the device software is updated to the latest android software. Step 1 to check go to settings about device and update the software.

Up to 15 off on samsung products with free insurance and no cost emi flat 10 cashback for burgundy digital savings account flat rs.

5 taxes disclaimer this program is implemented by the participating banks in association with the technology partner viz. Any disputes or claims from the customers under this program shall be addressed solely by the participating bank, without any recourse to samsung.

Personal banking internet banking corporate, nri banking services online - axis bank.

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Axis bank samsung pay offer

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