All pokemon that need a sinnoh stone

All pokemon that need a sinnoh stone

  snorunt and kirlia need to be a specific gender in order to evolve with a sinnoh stone, and these are the only two gender restricted pokemon of this kind. Froslass can only be obtained by evolving a female snorunt, and gallade can only be evolved from a male kirlia - both rarer than their counterparts.

  now, lets take a look at the current pokemon that require sinnoh stone. In addition, each final evolution requires 100 candy and 1 sinnoh stone.

  sinnoh stone is a special evolution item, exclusive to pokemon go, which.

It replaces the evolution items required for the certain sinnoh-region evolutions in handheld games. For example, in the handheld games porygon2 requires a dubious disc to evolve to porygon-z.

  mamoswine is one of the most powerful pokemon from sinnoh. Considering another ice and another ground-type pokemon both manage to crack the top tier, using a sinnoh stone on a mamoswine is a powerful option to add to your raid lineups.

  gligar evolves into gliscor using 100 candy and one pokémon go sinnoh stone. Dusclops evolves into dusknoir using 100 candy and one pokémon go sinnoh stone. Swinub evolves into mamoswine using 100 candy and one pokémon go sinnoh stone. Aipom evolves into ambipom using 100 candy and one pokémon go sinnoh stone.

  the sinnoh stone is required for all cross-generational evolutions into generation iv.

  mismagus, honchkrow, porygonz, roserade, weavile, the sinnoh stone is a special evolution item that lets you transform many of the games pokemon into their gen 4 versions. The likes of rhyperior, magmortar, electivire, dusknoir, and togekiss cannot be captured in the wild like common pokémon.

  honchkrow is another solid dark type that can be obtained by evolving with a sinnoh stone. Honchkrow is on par with weavile in most match ups (vs psychic types for example), but we still prefer weavile higher dps, a bit less tdo, dual typed nature.

  this is a list of pokémon that evolve by using an elemental stone item.

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All pokemon that need a sinnoh stone

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